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Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Glitterfest 2014

Choose your treasures at GlitterFest 2014

The next event is February 28, 2015
put it on your calendar now. 
So much talent
packed into a single one day show.

Not to be missed.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. I never get to go because I'm always working. It was nice seeing to be able to see what was there ;0) And I also loved seeing your little girl taking pictures, just like her Mama does ;0)

    Take care,

    1. Ah Sue,

      Kindred spirits. Our people. Holly is 7 and does a really good job. Jacob sits on the sidelines playing video games. Although, he is a very good artist.

      Thank you for stopping by. Love, e


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