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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Created Art - Hours of Love

We have mountain friends with a cabin
in Idyllwild. The last few years
the Get Along has spent 4th of July and
Thanksgiving with the extended Riley
family. The classic Hallmark family.
Warm, inviting, with loads of love
to share. It is always a privilege.

My love of crafting somehow
secured the treasured 
50 year old button box of the Riley matriarch.
An incredible gift, from the heart, packed
with memories, buttons, bits of lace and

The contents of the button box became
the materials for a gift for my friend Lori,
one of the daughters of this special family.
For over 50 years, the family and friends
have gathered at the cabin.
Lori's two children
have grown up spending the holidays
at the cabin. 

To commemorate the years of memories,
I created a pictorial of Wes and Tori,
as little children, playing in a light dusting
of snow.  Last Thanksgiving, members of Lori's
extended family assisted by sewing on buttons.

Recently, Lori framed my work.
So honored. 

Gentle readers, thank you for visiting.

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