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Pumpkin Cottage
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Powder Room Refresh

Pumpkin Cottage requires a refresh.
She needs a little sprucing inside and
out.  Progress is slow.

It would be wonderful if everything
were completed prior to the winter
holiday season.


The lovely ball jar light fixture is from LampGoods.

There is a bit of a romance with faux finishes
here at the cottage.

Holly and I are painting a faux rug.

The rug may need some tweaking.
I had originally wanted to paint tassels and
it may still happen.  The walls are painted
a pale yellow. Ceiling white.

My mother gave me the mirror above the sink.
It was salvaged from her beloved
Hollywood Court cottage
before they were renovated.  

We just found the little shelf.  It's a bit dingy,
may just need a good old fashioned washing.

What's next:

1. Baseboards.
2. Paint clouds on the ceiling.
3. Paint the back of the purple door with
    chalkboard paint. Old school green.
4. Put up the trinkets of the room.

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