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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kitchen Gardening

Memorial Day weekend, while I was down with the flu,
Mr. Lee headed to a favorite antique store, Precious Times
Antique Mall, in Redlands.

To purchase this tub for me.  This is our kitchen window.
In the tub we'll plant, night blooming jasmine,
scented geraniums, and lemon verbena. 
It's a treat to have scents float through the


The scented geranium, in the foreground of Holly
is Lemon Meringue.  It smells divine.  The
metal planter will be filled with vegetables lettuce and
radishes.  So easy to grow.

Mr. Lee has moved the white rose filled tub to in front
of the kitchen window.  In the evenings, the white roses
radiate a powerful glow.

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  1. Eugenia, you are in for the sweetest of surprises, with that night blooming jasmine, (which I also have outside my kitchen window, and the scent rises to my bedroom window, at night!). Pretty petals and tasty edibles...sounds like a perfect summer, to me!



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