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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Do you ever have those weekends when time stands still?

Last weekend started with Doris Day
and Please Don't Eat the Daisies on
Friday evening.  Singing, kids,
and cute interiors.

Book reading, finished Signals by
Joel Rothschild. There are times
when a book must be read in
small bites.  I started this
book months ago but couldn't
get past the second chapter.
I simply was not ready, a
week ago the book started calling
me and I had to read through
to the end.  It's a three hankie

Over the years, I have learned
to be patient, to accept, and
know the proper time will
present itself with books and
in life.

While Mr Lee, demolished our
powder room, I worked in
our urban garden, it had
become a jungle. The perfect
spring day and my awareness
of my mother in the garden
are soul quenching.

In this tiny garden is where I feel closest
to her.  The plants she lovingly planted.
The fig and strawberry guava trees
she started.

The kale Uncle Joe planted with her seeds.
Roses from her collection.
In the garden, I am inspired to push
through the pain to be enveloped
by her embrace.

Watched TV.
At Home with Venetia
Pioneer Woman

Mark, our oldest, is painting while we
visit Prescott, AZ.  Mr. Lee had to cut out
damaged drywall from a leak
under the sink. 

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