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Sunday, March 16, 2014

We All Need a Friend

People don't always need advice.
Sometimes all they really need is
a hand to hold, an ear to listen,
and a heart to understand them.
                              Zig Ziglar

My friend, Lori, is that friend. 
Her parents, siblings,
and extended family are remarkable.
An All-American
family: loving, hardworking, inclusive
and supportive.

A few years back, our little family started
joining Lori's family at their
cabin to celebrate 4th of July.

For over 50 years the family has gathered
at the cabin to celebrate. My rendition
of the cabin when Lori's children were
small is depicted below.

Lori's mom entrusted me with her treasured
button box.  In it were more than 50 years
of collected buttons, lace, and snaps. 
I've used some of collection to represent
a winter day at the mountain cabin.

Last Thanksgiving, I asked the family
to each stitch a button unto the canvas.

Wes and Tori 

Stitched with love for a very special friend.
A friend who helped me create through the
darkness back to the light.

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