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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Weeks to the Big Finish

My gentle readers,

Have you ever lost your ability to focus?
Senioritis ..like spring fever...but this time
not only am I a senior in a graduate program
but a senior in age, too.

Santa at the local diner.  A movie star sighting for us. 

What I should be doing and will be working
on the rest of the day is my final academic paper.
At least, for my current program.

What I want to be doing this first Sunday of
Advent..is preparing for Christmas.
Last night, I attended a women's fellowship.
We sang Christmas carols, shared a meal, and
crafted Christmas cards for our soldiers.  My
friend, Jodi, has been my host for this event for

This is the dress Holly would have me wear.  Bless her generous heart.

My heart is right, but my hands are itching to
craft, to bake, and to watch old movie goodness.

Girl is super shy...that's why you don't see a photo of her
with Santa.  We love cute stoves. Though.

May you be blessed during this precious holiday

Little e.

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