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Pumpkin Cottage
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Monday, December 24, 2012


It must be over 20 years now.
It may have been a conversation overheard,
A particularly poignant sermon,
or words of wisdom.

Breakfast at Zov's in Tustin

The definition of grace.
Grace is want we don't
deserve and get anyway.

The day started with a lovely breakfast.

In 1998, a colleague said,
"You aren't lucky you are

Messing Around

Indeed. Blessed.  I am
Blessed.  Blessed from
the Holy Spirit, who gives
me courage, who fills me with
boldness, if not for myself for
the ones I love.

Colors of the Season

True, I will never be the Woman
of the Year, accomplish any heroic deed
but yet, I am Blessed.

Roger's Garden

Blessed in love, Blessed with
a sibling who understands,
Blessed with children
Blessed with a treasure chest of
friends. Jewels more precious
than gold or diamonds.

Yes, Grace is intimately spoken

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