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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Counting My Blessings

My oldest son called me in the late afternoon yesterday.
He had heard of the horrific incident.
An incident beyond human comprehension.

"Mom, those kids were Holly's age."
and then "Mom, I am so sorry this had to happen
on your birthday."  He wanted to talk about
it and I am going to have to allow him, but
at that moment, I could not allow the depth
of anguish to enter my soul.

We have raised such a compassionate and 
caring young man.  I don't have the capacity
to understand what happens to a tiny baby
to allow the development of a monster.
What mental illness or trauma most

I fully understand suicide...the pain
and suffering that must be unbearable.
I can't understand taking the life of
others in such a senseless hateful

A young man with the capacity to destroy
the lives of so many families.

Let us pray.

Precious loving Jesus.
May you the Lord of light
be with our country as
we mourn the loss of
of your precious servants.

Lord, you have taught us
that children are closest to you.
In your infinite mercy, be with
the families of those taken
too soon.  Be with the
first responders and their
families as they struggle
with the aftermath.

Heavenly Father, please
give us courage to reach out
to those suffering around us.
Help us to be generous by
supporting organization who
will best serve the mentally ill,
the grieving, and the family of the

In Jesus' holy name we pray.



  1. Thank you for the beautiful, well written post!

    Take care,

    1. Thank you, Sue. You provide a destination with comfort like a warm familiar embrace. I escaped the world in your store today. Can't wait to post the gorgeous photos.


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