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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Final Grade

Yesterday, I anxiously awaited my final grade from
Masters Public Administration.
Quiet celebration.
My heart is full of gratitude.

With no homework responsiblity
looming over my head.

Thank you Jessica and Todd
for sweating out our last homework
night.  I say, our, because no one
achieves anything meaningful

Goodwill Industries goodness. 
Joe and I have decided
we really don't want to support the Walmarts
of the world.  We still visit for some
We do very little shopping there
We want cheap and good.  Made in the USA
is preferred and we seek quality. 
We avoid China.

Granny crafts are still our favorites.

Mr. Lee may receive a new camera for his
birthday.  So my bloggy readers don't have to
suffer substandard photos.

Vintage is better than new.

These flowers would look great on the wreath I am making for
my friend Laura.  She lives in New York and traveled to
Times Square to fetch 2013 novelty glasses for my family.

Christmasy inspiration and handicrafts from
here to New Years Eve.  Some lovely day
trips thrown in for good measure.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hope your prechristmas week is filled with many blessings. I try to shop local and enjoy the little interdependent shops as well. xoxo

    1. Me, too. Me, too. I think if we don't support the little shops they will go away.

      xxoo Genie


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