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Friday, September 14, 2012

The movie Hope Springs


This movie was do difficult for me to watch.
I recognized that marriage and it was not pleasant visiting.
If you are living in a marriage or relationship that doesn't make your 
soul sing viewing this movie may help.  Drag your man.
It is a chick flick for men who want a better marriage, too.

This week I discovered Dennis Swanberg on Focus on the Family.
Sometimes Focus is too much.  Too far to the right, homophobic, too 1950s,
but sometimes it quenches my desire for something simpler.
Something sweet like southern iced tea.

I love Dennis' spin on marriage and his southern drawl.
The fashion and hair in the videos is so 80s...big hair for women
and all kinds of pieces on the men.

Random thoughts not about marriage.


Years ago a bought the moss rose pattern above in teacups. 
Later, Joe, gave me similar saucers.  Still love them.

During our recent visit to Half Moon Bay, my friend
snapped this photo.  It's the apartment building that
has occupied 424 Purisima for years.

This photo is a bit wobbly.  The cuteness probably
made me nervous.

Thermos heaven.


  1. Great pictures. I don't guess I've seen the movie Hope Springs though. If it's sad, I'll skip it.

  2. Not sad... I am totally with you. It is about a long term 31 year marriage that has grown distant... Great acting. I bet you would like it. It was painful for me because of my previous marriage.


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