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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anniversary Road Trip

For our wedding anniversary trip,
we were blessed to travel with special friends.

Turlock...stops along the way

Our goal was to introduce our friends the get-along style of
road trips and to my hometown.  Swoosh.

It's Italia in Half Moon Bay

Mr. Lee spying from the men's restroom.

Mr. Todd's turn to peak on us..

We don't wear watches and we don't worry about

Sharing time with my oldest and dearest friends.
My extended family includes friends close as siblings.
My brother and I grew up with these girls.
They are family.  My children are growing up
with these special friends, too.

Visiting Half Moon Bay, California is magical.
It is full of tourists now but growing up there was, Mayberry, small
town perfection.  Really, we were poor but we all felt
a sense of abundance. We played freely, walked every where:
to the store, post office, Thrifty's for ice cream, school, beach
and rode the bus to the nearest BIG city alone as kids.
What freedom.

A place so significant in developing my sense of self. 
Feminist ways.
Having a strong mother didn't hurt either.
A place so special it brings emotional gratitude to my heart.

Both my parents and my sister are buried there.

This year has been particularly difficult.
I've spent plenty of time in the therapist office
and even more time on my knees.

President Obama said it in his
convention speech. "There was no
other place to go."  

 Just the ticket for a new perspective.
Alameda Point.

Look closely.  There's San Francisco in the distance.

Something for everyone.

Wish I'd brought these lovlies home.  Bubble bubble. 


Mustaches all around for road trip home. 


  1. Oh Genie! I LOVE these pictures. Tell me ~ is this you in the turquoise hoody and then again all the way to the right in the last picture? What a wonderful time you had by the looks of it. So glad for you! :))) And, as always, your children make me smile. They are so beautiful.

  2. Or....is that you standing closer to Holly? Or...are you taking the picture and not even in it? I have to know......... :)

  3. That's me closer to Holly in the cemetery and in the black top next to my minivan...Mabel...


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