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Monday, October 3, 2011

Under the Weather

We've all been under the weather for the last week.  After visiting the doctor, I took a long well deserved nap.

Worked on reading Debbie Macomber's last installment of the Cedar Cove novel series.  It's not that I am a fan of romance novels but I love any series set in a small town with regular characters.  Jan Karon's Mitford series started my love of the genre.   With limited time, I don't usually reread books but I certainly would like to reread the Mitford series. I learned a lot about my spiritual journey through the lives of each of the characters but especially through Father Tim. 

To be honest, this time of year fills me with nostalgia.  A yearning for Christmas past.  It is during this season where my desire to hibernate mingles with the saddness of missing my mother.  In my thoughts, she sits contently knitting with I love Lucy or the Lawrence Welk show playing in the background.

In a different chapter of my life, she would visit me for months at a time, we would visit nurseries, work on my garden, and craft while watching Sabado Gigante.  These were very good times.

I am definitely homesick but not for a particular house or a particular time.  It's more a feeling of anticipation and  a longing for a certain comfort.  Moments like Thanksgiving mornings when I would wake up to the smell of my mother's roasting turkey and the cladder of pans in the kitchen.  I am especially susceptible to these melancholy feelings when I am under the weather. 

This little dinette puts me in the perfect frame of mind.  Of course, my mother would never have had a
yellow dinette.  She was known to say, "Where would bad taste be without yellow?" The round rag
rug, however, was keeping with her style.

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