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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jumble Sales and Thrift Shops

Trying on a new word for size: jumble.
Doesn't it sound better than a rummage, garage or tag sale?
But no matter what you call it getting something vintage at
a great price is one of the best thrills.

Thrift shopping satisfies the need for the hunt and sometimes the
little something you can't live without comes at 
rock bottom prices.
The best part, though, is all the neighborly people we meet.

The jewel of a cookbook pictured above includes
dated color photos and fantastic food line
drawings.  The volunteer that rang up this purchase
received an exact copy as a bridal shower gift for her first
marriage over 50 years ago.
She highly recommended two recipes from page 24:

Classic Beef Stroganoff and Hungarian Goulash. 

I think I may have skipped just a little bit as I exited the store.

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