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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Knowledge

What did I do?  Messing around with blog templates should not be allow for experimentation for a novice like me.  Please accept my apologies as I learn.  

I rarely watch the regular news.  It is almost always awful and l figure my life is complicated enough but  Friday morning as sat in my hairstylist;s chair, my heart broke as I watched the District Attorney of Orange County choke up as he spoke of the mass murders committed in a Seal Beach, California beauty shop.  He was reflecting on a  little 7 year old boy's life that was forever changed by the murder of his mother and 7 patrons.  His father is accused of allegedly committing the murders in an execution style.  There is no way I can even comprehend the terror of the victims last moments.  The losses sustained by so many families for no viable justifiable reason.  These victims were minding their own business.

What parent won't ache for a child put in the worst of possible circumstances by a person claiming to love him?

I often joke that my beauty appointments are cheaper than therapy but there is some truth in my joke.  Women often congregate in beauty salons for a bit of pampering, friendship and comfort. Salons are sanctuaries where kind men and women normally congregate.  It's not impossible for me to fathom the insanity of domestic violence but why harm other innocent strangers?

Today, I was outside spray painting some of my holiday crafts when I heard loud thuds in the distance.  I looked up into the park across the street only to see a teenager hitting everything he could with a baseball bat.  I yelled out for him to stop.  Only I wasn't very lady like.

It is hard to understand how everything seems to have gotten out of control.  How unsupervised children have no respect for adults, for where they live and for the property of others.  Growing up it  was plain.  I knew my parents loved me but I also had a tremendous amount of respect and fear.  There wasn't a person that I feared more than my mother.  Not the police or the mean girls at school. 

I knew to lower my eyes when adults spoke to me and to show respect to elders.  There wasn't a single instant where I would have considered damaging personal property or stealing. It felt good then and it feels good now to know that I am trusted and respected.  This self awareness and sense of dignity helped me move away from relationships that didn't feel respectful or safe.  As a woman, I knew that if a man loved me he would never strike me with his hands or with his words. 

I owe everything to my parents.   Alzira and Jose. 

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