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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary

We just recently discovered that Julia and Paul Child share our wedding date of September 1.  My parents were married in March of 1946 the same year Julia and Paul were married.  Both couples had  long and devoted marriages and we feel blessed to celebrate a shared anniversary.

What I especially hold dear about our wedding ceremony is the walk back down the aisle.  We both held our emotions together until then....my mother almost ran down the aisle behind us to grab us first and give us our first kiss. A practical woman she had not supported my desire to remarry.  But what she said, as the three of us stood there at the end of the aisle, was that she had become overwhelmed with joy as we exchanged our vows and she had to hug and kiss us. She wished us the greatest joy and good health.

We all knew that Lee was an exceptional man but in the last nine years he has exhibited strength in adversity, boundless love for all four children, tenderness in the care of and loss of our beloved.  In all things we give thanks. Happy Anniversary sweetness.

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  1. What a beautiful post and was so happy to hear how your mom celebrated the moment. How sweet and meaningful. And it isn't always easy to take a second chance. I was married 22 years, and I'm still not ready to "got there" again. Sounds like everything has turned out beautifully for you, congrats!

    Take care, Sue


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