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Monday, September 13, 2010

Dragging into Fall

It was the "casa velha" (old house) that started it all.  This blog, the love of vintage, retro, pink, wavy glass, claw foot tubs, gardens, rich dark dirt...all the things I still love can be traced back to that really old two-story house at 424 Purisima.  I am convinced that it is in the seeking of feelings of comfort and the freedom that only childhood holds that we spend most of our weekends trolling items that flood the memory banks with sweet memories.

Trader Joe's had lovely black figs and sugar plums this weekend...those flavors with sourdough french bread take me right back to childhood.  I will be looking for chestnuts soon to remind me of times in the pink kitchen on Purisima or of times at the 1970s dinette table with the matching moss green flowery vinyl chairs on Mill Street.  All our celebrations happened in that tiny eat in kitchen.

Recently Lee has been messing with hair accessories.  Holly likes the glitter.

Time spent in the gardens at County Roads   Jacob takes his sketchbook everywhere.

Notice the truck in the background.  Picking out plants just like my mother taught me.

Not only are there beautiful plants, but the garden behind Country Roads is just a wonder place with nooks and crannies to explore-for well behaved children and adults.  Holly loved that cement snail.

We reluctantly ventured inside for the amazing holiday displays.
Our family is BIG on Halloween.

The pumpkin head holding the kitty head should have come home with us.

And yesterday we stopped by Mrs. Darling.  The little green chairs Holly is sitting on had to make their way home with us.  Do you remember those little chairs in kindergarten?   Not only do they hold positive memories the color is perfect, too. Holly just makes herself at home.

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