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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Adventures


Even with the pouring rain...we headed to glorious San Diego for the Handmade Revolution show. Look here for Lee in the center of the photo and I am on the left side. So much fun. Jacob's loot included a notebook. I got a t-shirt and Holly chose a little stuffed heart. Holly is just being goofy here.

oh, mama, there is glare in my eyes and rain out here. But, check out the awesome journal, made by reusing an old hard cover book and inserting new pages. The vendor told Jacob it was her very favorite one. He was thrilled.

Later the same day, we visited San Diego's Little Italy Farmer's Market. Lee thought this was funny, but I will tell you there weren't any poopies on the street.

Simply a charming community. Farmer's markets are great for fresh goodness, at this markert there were dried fava beans, fresh cooked fish tacos, grape vines ready for planting in your back yard, fresh gluten free baked goods, herb plants and handicrafts. Simply some thing for every member of our little gang.

Off to the nearest Discovery Shop. Just make yourself at home kids. Very nice people in every Discovery Shop we have ever visited.

Ocean Beach shoppes..expensive but beautiful eye candy all around.

Mural borrowed from the Portuguese flag... Crown may just work as a tattoo. I like the dice like center..from the flag, too.

Santa Monica and Toluca Lake...sigh.

Santa Monica first...for new frames. Of course, I did not purchase these, too chicken, but how much fun was it to try so many frames on. I tried dozens on.

The nose is huge, I know peeps, but focus on the funky frames. I love the bling, never thought I would but I do. Still what I purchased was more conservative and will work for my professional environment. On the weekends anything goes.

This is the best way to choose frames, use a digital camera and see for yourself, especially if , are visually challenged and need your glasses to see not just as a fashion statement. The folks from Allyn Scura are the nicest people, responsive long after the purchase, and the lab they use results in perfect perscription lens and frames. Trust me I have progressive bifocals. You absolutely have to visit them at a show to purchase frames. Tell them Eugenia sent you. If they say who give them the blog address.

This time we had hot dogs but next time I promised Lee we could stop at Bob's. Thank you for stopping by.

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