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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Michele and Duarte were married yesterday. I had the honor and pleasure of officiating.

It is such an emotional undertaking, for me at least. As the preacher you have an intimate view of the the couple's relationship and share in one of the most significant days in anyone's life their wedding day. Thank you Michele and Duarte for trusting me and allowing me to be a part of what was an amazing ceremony.

Friday Night Rehearsal Dinner

Turlock Country Club, the Country Club staff and servers we amazing. They anticipated every need and were cordial while providing superior professional service. There were glowing reviews all around. Good job Michele and Duarte is selecting such a wonderful venue for your Big Day.

Duarte and I are waiting to practice walking down the aisle. We were all silly. I think it is the excitement and the nervousness all wrapped up together.

The Bride and Groom walking down the aisle after our third practice run. Perfectly done...smiles of relief and anticipation. I am telling you this is such exciting stuff. The JOY of life.

This is one of my favorite images. Here I with my two and two of my great nieces. I love being Tia Eugenia to a new generation. Alyssa and Hope.

Our little family arrives for the ceremony. Jacob meaures himself nearly every day. I am sure he will pass me up by the time he is nine or ten.

Patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin.

These were brand new, never worn, on Friday. Just one day later...boys.

My brother's daughters, my amazing nieces, have all had their mom and dad walk them up the aisle. It is a beautiful tradition. That is my brother, Ilidio, the father of the bride, on the right. Immediately to the left of Marie, the mother of the bride, are two of Michele's three sisters, Larissa and Staci. I love this image because it tells a touching story of the passing of the Bride from her parents to her Groom. It is old fashioned, but endearing especially for the parents.

I grew up with Marie (we called her Mary growing up), I remember that I wore my communion dress for their wedding. It has been a life time. So many memories. Aren't we cute.

We are a family that likes to party and we had a blast. A beautiful Wedding Day and a beautiful beginning for a couple that can REALLY cut a rug. The Bride and Groom can really dance...I always think that is a good sign.


  1. i love all the pics my fav is the 1 of all 3 of us and mom and dad walking michele down the aisle once my mom comes over i will show her your blog so she can see all of them love you bunches tia.

  2. I love weddings! I am seeing some familiar faces of people that I met in Half Moon Bay. How nice. I got a kick out of the shoe photo...only a day old pair of shoes, ha..too funny.



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