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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moving Day Weekend

Last weekend was the big Sacramento moving day. Our goal was to move the big pieces of furniture and line the kitchen cabinets. Seemed simple enough. The boys moved all the furniture from the old place and staged the furniture in the new place while I lined the kitchen cabinets and unpacked boxes.

Everyone helps.

It may be old fashioned to care about things like lined cabinets but I don't think a home is a home without the small details. Joe and I have gotten into the habit of saying, "Mother, would have wanted it this way or she would have wanted us to do this or that." So we do our best and try to allow her influence to shine through. She definitely would have cleaned and lined the cabinets. No matter that things were old...they were always clean and pressed and we try to continue the tradition.

In the end, we all thought the place looked so warm and comforting. A new home made fresh with pictures on the walls, lined cabinets (at least the ones I could reach from the step stool) and mother's favorite rose on the patio. Then, there were the personal treasures that provided the

finishing touches. A bed with clean and new linens seemed very inviting.

Since we were focused on achieving our moving day goals, we did not have an opportunity to stop or shop at roadtrip typical venues like a used record stores, bookstores, cupcake bakeries or nurseries. May I mention , another cupcake venue. We did, however, mark the territory for our next visit check out the links.

I know there are Sacramento bloggy land friends out there. Please check out the cupcake places and leave a comments for me.

We did have to have a yummy sandwich and ice cream at Vic's.


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  1. I am going on a mission to find Sacramento cupcake places so I can post. Rick's Dessert Diner is popular but I don't always care for their desserts...I may just be ordering the wrong stuff. Tower cafe on Broadway has desserts that look fabulous and they are famous for their french toast breakfast!



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