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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Endings

Thank you, sweetie Yolanda, for leaving a comment. I LOVE comments. How do I know if you like to visit the blog if you all don't let me know? Love brings more cheery posts.

Because of Yolanda, I am going to share our adventures at the CHA Anaheim Show that was held last weekend.

The show was so much fun. I met Kathy Cano-Murillo, the CraftyChica. Oh my goodness. She is so sweet and full of energy. Just one of those people that is a magnet of positive energy. What you see is what you get. She has developed a whole cottage industry that originated in the living room of her modest home in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year, Lee and I visited the Heard Museum in Phoenix just to bask in the glory that was her exhibit. Here are a few photos from that exhibit.

See the sewing machine covered in buttons?

The CHA show provided lots of free "make and take" opportunities in addition to fee based workshops. Believe it Jacob and Holly took advantage of all the crafty fun.

Chrisy, if you are out there check out Jacob's sweater.

We visited with the folks from Craftster see the online shop. See Jacob above making the buttons from their booth. We purchased the Handmade Nation DVD and Holly decorated a cupcake over at the Cricut Cakes booth.

See what goodness comes from a little encouragement?

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  1. Eugenia, I was just telling your brother how good you have gotten at blogging. You are a great writer and I love reading it. I love all the photos of your family too.....it shows how important they are to you.
    I went to the CraftyChica site becuase I saw in your photo (with the checkered floor and pink chairs) a partial view of a red painting that says "la comida." I wanted to see if she sells those on her site but didn't see it there. Anyway, I hope you keep writing....you are really good at it and people do enjoy your blog.



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