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Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Part of freshening our home for the New Year is getting the garden ready for spring. I was out in our little garden all morning. Being out in the fresh area alone allows me time to for reflection and rejoicing in all that my mother taught me.

Until today. we had a beautiful lavender snail vine but it had to go because it had taken over my black berry bush. A few years ago, the black berry bush was huge. My mother offered to prune it...she had such a green thumb, of course I said yes, but by the time I wandered back to check on the pruning progress the bush was nothing but a few sticks.

I left my mother outside to pick up the pruned canes and went inside to cry. She meant well so I couldn't be angry. You might guess that in the following spring the black berry bush came up strong and we had lovely berries in the summer.

Today as I pulled the snail vine from the ground and away from what is just three strong canes now I was reminded of my mother. I am comforted because I know that eventually everything will be all right.

My mother's hand is with me and touches all that I do.

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