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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Birthday

I will admit this has to have been the hardest birthday. The first one without my beloved mother. We had a tradition in our family that we all raced to to be the first one to wish the birthday girl/boy "Happy Birthday." That meant that as we moved out or got married (sometimes the only way to move out) my mother would call really early in the morning.

It went something like this: The phone would ring at some ungodly hour, we would glance at the clock radio and know that it was my mother. "Are you awake?" she'd say. "No, but I am now," I would respond.

Truth be told. We looked forward to her call and I looked forward to the new nightie or robe we would receive without fail. I miss her so much in big and small ways.

My friends really pulled together to help me celebrate and get through the day.

Becky made me an amazing bag. I love it so much. I also received flowers, cards and treats. It all helped me to keep it together. Thank you my darling friends and husband.

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