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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. This is a particularly sentimental Christmas. I was watching the Oprah.s White House Christmas Special when Oprah asked the President about his most memorable Christmas and that led me to think about my most memorable Christmases. There were three, at least from my childhood, the Christmas my sister made a Christmas tree from an evergreen branch and a coffee can full of rocks, the Christmas Joe and I received our only gifted bikes, and the Christmas I received my first SLR camera. I still have the camera and all the wonderful memories.

Here is a photo of the loot we brought back from our road trip last weekend. Notice the tree topper and the metal picnic basket. The topper ended up on our tree this year and the metal basket houses all our Christmas movies now. We always pick up and few ornaments.
Me being goofy. The topper is truly vintage and works. It was originally from Woolworth. Do you remember five and dime stores?
On the top of the tree. Isn't it beautiful. I prefer silver but I love this topper. Sweet angel.
Mark posing his new robe and slippers from Oma and Opa in VoVo fashion. VoVo would try on all her new gifts and pose for us. We promise to keep the tradition.

We also have a tradition of new pjs for Christmas. This is Christmas Eve right before bed. Below are some of the gifts the kids received. Holly's new pony. New bikes and golf clubs, too.

Check out Holly's new helmet. Merry Christmas.

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