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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am experiencing technical difficulties so my text isn't lining up. Sorry.

Oh, I know what you are thinking, my peeps. But you would be wrong..Bakersfield has everything.
Lee wanted a short road trip where we felt like we got away but could be back in one day.
So I started researching all the things we need for a successful road trip. Cupcakes, used book stores, thrift stores, yummy food and antique stores. We like just to roam and find cheap deals when we can.
Simple pleasures people.
We started our trip just outside Bakersfield in Buttonwillow at the Tule Elk State Reserve where we did indeed see elk.

Here are the elk. We could see them with the naked eye but Lee took this photo through the telescope (is that what you call it?).

First stop, Frosting Ink...the yummy cakes did not disappoint. Yummy goodness and a cute store front, too. With t-shirts with saying like "make cupcakes not war" and "love, peace and cupcakes."

Jacob and Holly got strawberry flavor, Lee chocolate and peanut butter, and I got raspberry. Oh goodness, not too much frosting and tons of cake with a little filling on the inside.

Just around the corner we found In Your Wildest Dreams Antiques. We found some amazing loot. I am an experienced shopper or I would never be able to absorb so much with two little ones in tow.

Lots of other interesting shops in the area but we were trying to make it for lunch at Wool Growers. We didn't make it for lunch. The restaurant closes at 2 p.m. and reopens at 6 p.m. I have to tell you, though, it smelled really good in there. We'll try tomorrow or the very next time we come to visit.

This is the ramp to the basement area of the shop. So much to see. Normally, I take a quick look and go through a second time but I had a hungry family so I only got to go through once.

Lee is always on the look out for alternative and used music stores. He lucked out. Right next to Frosting Ink is the Going Underground.

Lee's favorite stop? Dewar's candy and ice cream shoppe. Dewar's celebrated their 100th year making candy chews in 2009.

We collect stickers to commemorate our trips. The sticks cover our little ice chest which is normally filled with Diet Coke, water and juice boxes.

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. Happy faces, now that is the BIG pay off.

Russo's Books where we purchased a book bag that says: "Eat. Sleep. Read." Honestly it is all that is necessary in life. We also learn of the indie movement IndieBound.

Just a sample of our day.
Okay, it in night time and we are all tired. So good night.

We'll share more tomorrow. If you enjoy seeing our travels please leave a comment.

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