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Monday, March 30, 2009


Mericia is my oldest sister (in the photo she is 18). She passed away nearly 17 years ago but since my mother was placed in the home the pain has been so fresh. My sister was 18 years older than me. She was the oldest of the five and I was the youngest. My sister and I were separated twice. Once when we immigrated to the States.

Mericia wouldn't join us in the States for another year. The second time we were separated was in her passing. The first separation changed my life forever. Mericia was like a mother and the love my my four year old heart. As a teenager, I thought my mother was such an idiot to having children so far apart until I had my last child nearly twenty years after my first child.

My sister was amazing and I finally see that my mother was too. Mericia could make anything but I didn't want to learn because we lived in America and little American girls didn't need to learn crafts and domestic arts. So many regrets. As an adult I have learned the error of my ways.

I cry nearly every night when I say good night to my mother and I mourn Mericia more than ever before. Love love your family.

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  1. What a sad but inspiring story, Eugenia. I too lost one of my siblings early in life. It was very painful but I learned so much from it especially your very last sentence....... Love, love your family!



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