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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get-Along-Gang Trips

This post is dedicated to PamKittyMorning. Pam inspired our Livermore trip.

Here is the get-along-gang at Annie's Annuals in Richmond. My mother, VoVo, has the greenest thumb ever and she has inspired all my garden trips. We have traveled near and far just for the tiniest plants.

We love roadtrips. It is the hunt of beautiful gardens, antiques, fabrics, crafts and the cute. Both my parents loved to go visiting. I really believe it is something in my genes. The sense of adventure. Luckily, the get-along-gang is always game. Lee does all the driving and most of the picture taking. Thank you sweetie.
So it starts: I read an article here, a little comment in a blog there, someone clips an article from the newpaper and we have an iternary. At least we have a general direction. Since we travel with a wide range of ages. We have to be able remain flexible, take our time and stop often.
Here are the links for the spots we visited.

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