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Friday, June 3, 2016

Treasure Hunting in the Central Coast

to have all the things I couldn't afford
then I want to move in with them.
                             Phyllis Diller

During the Memorial Day weekend, we
were mindful of all who gave the ultimate
sacrifice. With a son serving in the Army,
it is never too far from our minds, all the
families who sacrifice so much for peace
at home.  For their service and sacrifice
we are ever grateful.

California is blessed to have the historical 
missions .

Mission San Luis Obispo Tolosa regular Mass
may be attended here.

The SLO Mission Courtyard, houses
the Santa Maria-type barbecues. This type of bbq may be found
through the central coast region of California, in church courtyards,
restaurants,  and even outside supermarkets.

The hydrangeas (or hortencias like my mother called them)
are a deep pink from lime in the soil. Where the hortencias
I am accustomed to are the blue flowers so common in the
Azores.  The blue hortencias  require aluminum-sulfate in the soil.

This mission's grounds are compact but well maintained.

Glorious Spanish tile roof.

The local hardware store carried these
miniature Santa Maria bbqs.

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