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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Roadtrip Itinerary...Each Trip Must Haves

All good roadtrips, at least, for the Get Along
start with a plan.  Always leave early.  Our
kids are accustomed to getting up early.
They sleep most of the first leg of the trip,
at least until they are hungry or need a restroom.

San Luis Obispo

Bring a cooler with water and some snacks.
Mr. Lee likes to bring a few treats: Monster,
Diet Coke and  sunflower seeds. Every
roadtrip includes a Slim Jim for me.  I
can hear you, gross but it's an occasional
treat and a 30 plus year tradition. One small
bag of Funyuns.  Don't judge me.

Old Town Orcutt Garden Center

The things we Google:
A place to stay-pool availability.
The best breakfast in each area.
Specialty foods available,
eat where the locals eat.
Bookstores used and new.
Record/music stores.
Thrift stores, check out their hours.
Garden centers.
Hardware stores.
Fabric and yarn.

Deja Vu Antiques at the Loading Dock, Old Town Orcutt

A place to stay, because we travel with a family,
and our budget is modest
we stick to the name brands.  Holiday Inn,
Fairfield, Comfort Suites, Best Western,
the occasional Hilton (treat).
Join their loyalty clubs and use your AAA card.
It is a must to stay some where it is safe and clean.

Deja Vu Antiques at the Loading Dock

When the kids were little, we stayed in motels primarily.
We didn't want to traipse through a hotel
lobby or floors with all the baby paraphernalia.
It was easier to simply pull up to the door of our room.
It's not a consideration now because everyone helps carry.


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