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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Susan Branch in Morro Bay...

Oh what a weekend, the beautiful
central coast and Susan Branch.
Author and human being

When my favorite author comes any
where near town...the get along gang is there.
We left at 2:00 am and it was well worth it.

After an engaging girlfriend chat,
Susan, answered all of
our inquiring questions.

Then it was book signing time, I was wearing
my Bernie 2016 button, so when
Susan looked up she said, "Hi, Bernie."

I said, "Oh, I wish I were."
Then we were both laughing.


The girlfriends in attendance kept
asking  how I got my husband to
join me.  It's simple girls, marry
your best friend.  Marry a man
who shares your interests.
Then fill him with so much
love of himself.


  1. Oh,Oh,Oh Genie! What a delight! What a day! And what wisdom!
    It's what I pounded into the heads of my daughters all of their growing up years... MARRY YOUR BEST FRIEND!!! It was always my Mantra! Thank God they listened! I am SO HAPPY that you got to see Susan!!! :-)))
    Until next time Bernie ;-)

    1. Oh my dearest Danette,
      I'm so glad you visit here with me. So many adventures to share we had an amazing time only about four hours from home but another world. love, Genie Beau Beanie


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