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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Recovery; Gettie Up

How would you encourage your wifey
to get up for a muscle strengthening walk after hip replacement?

Mr. Lee promised a treasure hunt in a thrift store,
a tasty home cooked lunch,  and the last aired episode of Downton Abbey.

Oh my.

Treasures for everyday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Giddy
with joy.

A brand new Christmas apron, an USA-made psychedelic pot holder,
one chalk board eraser, three turkey pot holder pins, a variety of granny
art ornaments, and a pair tiny dutch shoes.

Not bad for the first time out.

Ice for my leg and a tasty lunch, who can resist?

This is Mr. Lee's portion, I like my beef without any pink.

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  1. OH MY INDEED!!!
    This makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!


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