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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Look on the Bright Side of a Shower

Smile, Breathe,
and, Go Slowly.

                Thich Nhat Hanh

Since surgery, I have been planted
on a hospital bed in the living room.
Clovis, black kitty,  has been my night
time sleeping companion.  He sits with
me most of the day, too.

Strawberry Plants Starters Planted in October

My first shower in over two
weeks felt incredible and was more
precious than rubies. No full immersion
of the incision site for 6 weeks
from surgery.  That's okay, I can't
imagine getting in or out of  the bath

The nausea during recovery
has been horrific, absolutely
the worse part of this experience. Worse
then the ugly scar, the removal of 54 staples,
and blood draws from my hands.
Slowing down and recurperating, for
my demented brain, is a waste of precious life.

Between the nausea and gaga brain
there is simply no choice but to remain planted.
The ability to concentrate has been stripped from me.
I am unable to read or create.

This big baby, however, is able to share, 
the ability to walk and manuver stairs
without the snap and pop of the hip joint is
totally worth it.

I was able to watch Downton Abbey
from the beginning with my precious
caregiving husband and it was lovely.
Gobbled up the experience like tea
with sponge cake.
The last season (6) returns in January 2016.

Rewatched Don't Eat the Daisies
with its music and fabulous interiors. 
Mr. Lee teases, but it is true, I will
watch a movie just for its interior
styling. This film is a family

Mr. Lee planted starter strawberry
roots, they were brown sticks, just
before Halloween and look there are
green leaves and a bloom.


  1. I hope (and the word hope means a great deal to me) that things as you know it today, will soon be the tomorrows where better days await you! Take good care of yourself. It will all be over before you know it ;0) Take care. . .

    1. Dearest Sue,
      Visiting Country Roads through the years has been a great reprieve. It's a very special place and you make it so. On low and high days, my little family, the older ones are men now, would visit to mark the day. I have many treasures including plants to remind me. Your kind sentiments are treasured and encouraging indeed.

      Thank you.


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