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Sunday, August 9, 2015

On Being Disabled

Life is not about how fast
you run or how high you 
climb, but how well you bounce.
                    A.A. Milne

I'm a doer, my greatest pleasure used to be
to keep moving.  Cleaning, organizing, gardening,
crafting, dancing and biking.  While my physical
ability is now limited, my mind is always bouncing.

My precious friends and family, like Jessica here,
are willing to play gently.  Travel at a slower pace.
And the two kids pictured with her are my go getters.
They are my legs. 
They assist in too many ways to count. 
AND their harmonizing voices fly me to the moon. 

Everyone is burdened with more responsibility. 
I imagine its the same
in other households lead by disabled parents.

Mr. Lee takes on the biggest chunk of the workload.
What helps lift our spirits is the laughter.
Yes, what little walking is done is always
done with a bounce.

A blessed Sunday dearest readers.

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