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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Soul Siblings

Growing  up we spoke of the soul.
Mystical mysticism. 
We were taught we have a soul to give God.

Love is the intersection of the soul.
My soul floats with  joy when it is in love.
The soul is the intersection of the spirit.

These kids won't remember a time without each other.
And so it is with close siblings.  

Junk Bonanza, Del Mar, California
had the best photo ops. 


  1. Love your pictures, as always. My dream is to once again own a vintage VW Bus! When I was first married, we had VW bugs, and a VW bus. I have promised myself that I one day will have another bus! Have a great week. . .

    Take care,

    1. Sue,
      Yes yes yes, you must. I had three bugs. My last one, a beautiful 1966 with all original details and black/gold California plates was sacrificed to the ex. It's not that he wanted it, but he just didn't want me to have it. Oh, well. I can't drive a stick any more with my physical condition. Yet, the heart wants what the heart wants. Thank you for visiting. xxxooo


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