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Friday, September 26, 2014

School Days

If I am not, 
may God put me there;
and if I am, may God so keep me.
                                   Joan of Arc
Always darkest before the dawn
Preparing for battle with an
elementary school principal. 
As an eighth grader, 
I selected Joan as my
patron saint.  Whenever I 
require courage, I turn to 
her.  Just a girl, obedient to God, 
with the courage
of men.  It's all I need.

For many, I am invisible, a tiny
disabled teapot of a women.
Most strangers seem uncomfortable 
with my appearance. Does it hurt?
Do you have back problems?
My my you walk fast with that cane.
Yeah, get out of my way.
I don't mind the comments. 
They are strangers, after all. 
White noise after all these years.
What I mind is being disregarded.
My brother, Joe, used to say that 
I would go from zero to 60 in under a 
second.  I am slower to burn these days,
but if you bring me to anger, especially 
if you mess with my children,  WATCH

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  1. So glad to meet you and your wonderful family at French General. Look forward to seeing your hooked creations. And thanks for the cane tip for my DH, perfect for when he's ready to fix the hip.
    xxoo mary


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