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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nothing ventured, Nothing gained Chaucer c. 1374

I am stretching out our Las Vegas trip.
In reality it went something like this:
No. 1 son arrives at the airport at midnight
from his trip to Canada.  Mr. Lee picks
him up and comes home to wake the family.
Mabel, the van, is packed and ready.  A quick
shower for me, and in the van we go
under the cover of darkness.

We couldn't have left without No. 1
returning because the Get-Along Gang
has a ten-year old insulin dependent cat.

One day and one night in Vegas
Get-Along Gang style.

The High Roller
is like a huge Ferris wheel with
pod.  Pods with a capacity of accommodating
40 people. Miss Holly was not an enthusastic
participant.  There were a few tears shed
and a great deal of fear.  It was
a bit of trauma at first.  In the end,
she relaxed and enjoyed the experience.
At the top position, the pod is 550 feet up
in the air.  The views are amazing.
Night rides are available, too.

All smiles in the end.  That is
Jacob smiling. 

Please visit again dear readers.


  1. Oh dear my friend....for some reason I have posted 2 comments but I do not think you go either of them...so I will write another one.
    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to send me some tips for my back. I have had back troubles for years now but they come and go...but this time it seems to be here for good...since May nonstop....deteriorating disc. I have tried some of your tips and they do help....but chronic pain is not fun. Oh well it is something I am going to have to live with.
    Now about this ride you were on...looks like fun! High Roller fun! What a nice time with your family.
    Hope you do get my little card I sent you...if not let me know and I will send you another one....take care my sweet friend. xoxo

  2. Hi Eugenia,

    What a wonderful family trip! Looks like you all had a lot of fun and what better way to end the summer than with such a lively adventure!

    Thanks for your sweet and charming comment about my talkative flowers! It made me SMILE!:)))



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