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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Neon Museum, Bone Yard, Las Vegas

Happiness is a form of courage. 

                                        George Holbrook Jackson

Dave, our volunteer neon enthusiast
at the Neon Museum, made us excited about the
extraordinary history of
Vegas, gangsters, hotels.  The seedy
side of gaming.
And yes, so very,intrigued about the art of neon.


  1. I love all the neon signs and stuff. I haven't been to Vegas is years. My son, his wife and two little girls were in Vegas over the Labor Day week-end and had a great time.

    Take care,

    1. Dear Sue,
      There is so much to do as a family. We also rode the the High Roller. I'll post photos soon. Holly loves Vegas. We have been visiting periodically since she was a couple months old. The kids love the buffet, swimming, used book stores, going to the movies, the M & M Museum, and of course all the lights, There's always a new adventure. xxxoo e

  2. What a fun place! What a lovely family time you had! Hope you are very well my friend....sending you oodle of love. I adore your flowers that you have posted on your blog header...so pretty.

    1. So much fun. Thank you for visiting and sharing so much. You made my day.



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