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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nightmare Feminist

The whole swirl (what I refer to
something needing flushing)
surrounding our First Lady
as a nightmare feminist.
Really, she seems like a woman with
her feet firmly planted in authenticity
with children and a husband.
With haters all around, she is dignified and brilliant.
The First couple is a reflection of their generation,
my generation.
May she, and her precious family, continually be blessed.

I am a feminist and come from a long line of strong women.

A parental grandmother widowed at 27 who started working
in the late 1920s to support her three small sons, all under the
age of 7.  A maternal grandmother who survived a physically
abuse husband, single handedly raised 13 children to adulthood,
and raised, not less than, five grandchildren.

A mother who managed her household with an iron fist,
taught us to pray and attend church, held her head high in all
circumstances, and didn't take her husband's surname until
we immigrated to America.

In my mother's day only the rich women could
afford to pay the legal fees associated with changing their names.
These strong women probably didn't call themselves
feminist but they were.  Feminism isn't about
being man-like but about having equal opportunity.

It isn't about working in or outside the home
but having choices.  Feminist is about not
being beholden to any aggressor.  It is about
building strong partnerships with our
spouses, and supporting families instead
of giving the importance of family lip service.

Feminism is about being able to hold property,
to vote, to drive, and to have control over our bodies.

This feminist is a wife and mother of four.
Working in and outside of the home. Serving
others, providing an example to young women.

I am the kind of women who DID not
cheat with other women's husbands, because
its wrong, because I love women and
would never hurt
another woman or her family.  

I am domestic, partial to domestic arts of
all kinds.
As a feminist, I
love being a homemaker.
The neighborhood kids used
called me the fruit punch mom.
My full-time at home time was an
affordable blessing at the time but now
is a luxury. 

I am the kind of woman who
reads the Bible and has
a personal relationship with
Jesus.  I believe marriage is
a blessed institution for any two
consenting adults.

Feminist don't become spinsters
and may be happily single or married.

I am the feminist who
returned to work outside the
home and held two jobs
when my executive husband lost his job.

I am the kind of woman who
married an unemployed man
because he was wonderful
and not because of what he
could provide for me but for
what we could build together.

The First Lady is a dream
role model.


  1. I love every single word of your post! You are a strong, beautiful person!!

    Happy Holidays. . .

    1. Oh Sue, you always make my day. Thank you thank you.


  2. Beautiful! Just Beautiful Genie!!!
    Love you, you wonderful feminist woman!


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