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Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Two Front Teeth

Don't drink and drive EVER.
Way back in the time machine.

Treasures from Vintage Marketplace

My very good friend, his girlfriend
and I met up to go to a party.
I had just finished my evening waitress shift.

We headed out, he drove his little
truck and I drove my first nearly
new car. Seventeen with the
world ahead of me.

What I didn't know was he
was under the influence.
He thought it might be funny
to play chicken on the road.
I didn't see the humor and
tried to slow down and then
speed up to get away.

He tapped my vehicle's front end,
I swerved into the center divider,
and totaled my vehicle.
Trauma to my face and chest.
At seventeen, I didn't understand
it good enough to have my life spared.

Fast forward, eventually my
jaw bone would deteriorate from
the trauma.  Over the last two years, 
I have had donor bone graphs,
three surgeries and finally implants.

Just received the final dental invoice.
Feeling guilty for spending so much
money when there were more important
things we needed.

For my birthday I am
going to try to let it go and feel
only gratitude for the bone donor and for
the amazing team who gave me my smile
back.  Yes, all I wanted was my two front teeth.

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