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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Granny Art

Joe calls this Granny Art.  We both love it.
It's the kind of treasures we can't imagine relatives
tossing out but they do.

As creators and admirers of craft,
we have an appreciation for
the hours of love poured into creating.
It is a creative spirit who leads itself to making things unique.
We honor being entrusted with the
care of art created by human hands.
Things not made in China.
Although USA, Japan, or Hong Kong made are treasures.

Truly homemade one of a kind.
Obviously, made with
love through hours of commitment.
Who wouldn't love
a seafoam green poodle?
Doesn't she just look ready to please?

Mr. Lee and I are on the hunt for small honeycombed
old party decorations.  Ball, bells...pastels.
Joe be on the look out...


  1. I am loving that green poodle too...granny chic I say! Happy new week and happy hunting.

  2. I love all the old "Granny Art" as well. When I was a kid every Mom in the neighborhood had one of these poodles. My Mom used to make them. Wish she still remembered how or had the pattern. Maybe I could find it in some old archive! Happy hunting!
    Love & Kisses to You!


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