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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turnaround Trip

People think we are crazy but we love it.

We started our roadtrip to Sacramento at 6:00 am on
Saturday morning and arrived at around 1: 00 pm.
First, to the thrift stores.  I can't wait to show you all the great loot.
Saturday night we met my niece, her husband, and son; my childhood
friend: Aileen and her man, Ed; my brother and the four of us went to
dinner.  So much fun.  We make it fun. Laughing, talking, and sharing a

Bonanza of orange buttons...I have an idea

On Sunday, we hung out at Joe's cozy condo,
Lee did some handyman stuff,
and off to one last thrift store.
Honestly, I could hangout in thrift stores
for hours.
My favorite treasures are granny art pieces.
Domestic arts, old books,
granny bric-a-brac.  Old
sheets and pillow cases.
Vintage jewels.

These lovelies didn't come home with us but
Lovely just the same.

All our amazing loot is still in the back of Mabel, my minivan.

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