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Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Anxiety Sunday

aghhh.  The pain we put ourselves through.
Sundays used to fill my body with knots.
Unhappy butterflies.
No more.  I look forward to a job.

Nothing pleases me more than a cup of coffee/tea,
an old movie, embroidery with lots of color with
kid laughter in the background.

Searching for treasure pleases me, too.

The back of a cotton ball and q-tip holder.

The front.  Vintage colors.  I am not a fan of
the goose or ducks (unless they are real) but
I adore the vintage colors.

I crawled under a table to get this picture.
Thank goodness for Mr. Candycane and his
assistance to get me up.

Golden delicious apple.

Who stole the cookie jar?  Who me?  Couldn't be.
Joe stole the cookie from the cookie jar.
Do you recall that little classroom favorite?

My photos are a bit shaky from walking up so
many stairs.  

Chalkware squirrel. 

I like the idea of collecting items with
cross stitch or embroidery patterns.

Paint with crewel work.  See the cottage and the swirls outlined
in black.  LOVE it.  

Happy Sunday.

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  1. I am so happy you had such a peaceful Sunday! :)
    It makes my heart full of happiness.
    I love all the pictures of little vintage items. So fun!


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