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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Vintage Marketplace

The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow is definitely a show not to be missed.

Lee recognized this vendor with all the Halloween treats as one of our
favorites from years ago.  She used to have a shop in Riverside and we
have been wondering where she has been for years.  The last time we visited
she had three heart attacks behind her.  She now has seven heart attacks behind her.
She is a medical miracle and pure artsy sweetness. Our emails are added
to her contact list and we hope to meet again.

Not one........

But two.....dream trailers.  This second trailer is pulled by a minivan
exactly like our get-along-gang van.  Total excitement.  On the
spot decision: some day we will have a little trailer.

Our girl's favorite: Mermaids and jelly fish. 

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  1. I keep promising Christie that I will get to her show one of these days! Thanks for the post. At least I can enjoy what was at the show through others camera lenses!

    Take care, Sue


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