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Monday, September 5, 2011

Memorable Weekend

This morning we woke to pouring rain.  You know what we do when it rains? We all run outside and sit on the porch in our pajamas.   We close our eyes and listen to the sound of rain, thunder and lightening.  The entire family in enchanted with the prospect of rain. Holly stands at the edge of the porch with her hand in the rain.  

It stopped raining almost as fast as it started but now we are  listening to the thunder.  What a lovely end to our holiday weekend.

We cleaned out the pantry.  Everything came out, the shelves were wiped clean and repapered.  Some items were purged in favor of a little display room.  Just a few visits to the Goodwill.  All the Pyrex stayed, of course.  The clean sweep for the holidays is on....

See the chalkboard on the back of the door?
We taped off a rectangle and brushed on the chalkboard
paint years ago.  The board is used for weekly menus, for needed
grocery items, for cooking directions for young adults and for
general notes.

To memorialize the pantry cleaning event....new glass knobs were
ordered.  Can't wait to show you.

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