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Friday, September 2, 2011

Tell me this doesn't look interesting. 

Last night Lee and I celebrated our X anniversary but only after working all day, going to Jacob's back to school night, and then going to surprise: Lowe's where Lee had Justin the window and door specialist at a ready.

You see, dear reader, I am a simple practical girl and my heart's desire for my anniversary gift was/is a screen door for our front door.  Without my knowledge, Lee had already arranged for our door to be professionally measured and been told we needed a special order size.  Of course, everything we need is made to measure and expensive. 

So my big surprise was I am going to get a security/screen door but I had to select the one I wanted.  We narrowed the choice down to three, Justin will get the pricing for all three and tomorrow we will run by Lowe's and make all the arrangements. Also, I did notice a bit of a Halloween display at Lowe's with a big blow up spider with glowing red eyes.  The little ones will like that. 

This is so exciting.   This morning I washed the front door so I am ready......Tonight and through the weekend we will celebrate with yummy food, champagne and just being together.

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