Pumpkin Cottage

Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


When we moved to Riverside, I wanted to have kittens, chickens and a clothesline.
We had planned on purchasing a home in the wood streets.  As often happens, our plans took another path.  Our little cottage was new and located in an association where we would not be allowed to have clotheslines or chickens.  My desire for a clothesline and chickens is all wrapped up in my growing up memories.

Special memories of crisp and fresh smelling bed sheets dried in the sun coupled with stark white linens washed in bluing all seem familiar and comforting.  Fresh eggs from our friendly hens, I only liked the egg whites, are all memories I wanted to share with our growing children.

Still, we do have a lovely garden and a lovely cat.  In the Pumpkin Cottage, we eat fresh fruit from our garden and local farmer's markets.  We collect strawberry baskets for storage and collect images of lovely flowers for our garden.

Here is a picket fence that only exists in my fantasies.
Shasta daisies and yellow cosmos.  Heavenly.

Cosmos were one of my mother's favorite cottage flowers and
they hold a special place in my heart, too.  Their bright and simple
form with airy foliage.

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