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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Beloved Waffle

We lost our beloved Waffle this morning.  She was 17 years old. 
Do you see the sweetness in her face?   As a family we feel blessed to have
had such a wonderful companion and loyal friend. 
Mark was 7 and Nicholas only 3 when
Waffle joined our family.  Mark had the privilege of naming her.

She was only five months old and I was a fulltime mom with two little boys.
Things changed quickly as I returned to work fulltime and became a single mom.
The reason our family lives in the Pumpkin Cottage today is because of two
very special dogs that needed a house with a yard.   Two precious dogs
that, too, were the victims of the circumstances of divorce.

There have only been three dogs in my life.
A family watch dog that we had back in the Azores.
Redd, an American Cocker Spaniel born on Valentine's Day and
Waffle, a Cardigan Welsh  Corgi. We have always felt like pet parents
not dog owners; knowing that bringing animals into our home and hearts
is a lifetime commitment.

Here is VoVo, Redd, and Waffle (forever the puppy) in early
2001 right after we moved in. My mother loved these dogs and
they loved her.

Each precious and remembered.
Our entire family loved our sweet girls.
They are gone now but forever in our hearts.

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