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Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Road Again

When you travel with children you have to be flexible.
Our children are accustomed to traveling and being
with primarily adults but when they are sick they are sick.
Holly's allergies were under control in the morning
but by the time we got to the fourth row of the
Alameda Flea she was miserable.  I spent most of the visit
to the Flea on the sidelines but everyone else seemed to
have a really good time.  The venue is beautiful.
For this day, the get along gang included Joe, my childhood friend, Aileen and her
boyfriend, Ed.  
If you visit the Flea, be ready for a long walk to and from the Flea (there is a shuttle)
and a a miserable traffic jam getting back to the freeway after the Flea.
It took us nearly an hour to reach the freeway.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in September we are looking
for a ring this one was gorgeous estate jewelry.

This clock had to come home with me.  This is just like the clock
in Aileen's mom's kitchen.  It's an icon from growing up and a great
reminder of the time we spent together.

On to Berkeley.  Respect the minivan.  Yeah yeah.

Castle in the Air.  We didn't now what to expect but if you live any
where  near the Bay Area you have to visit.  So much inspiration in a
intimate space. A creative fix.  Very nice people.

 There's Aileen.  We are exploring the wax seals and rubber stamps...we both found
initials we liked.  Easter craft inspirations.

One of the mini clocks came home with us.

Aileen and Ed checking out.
Finally, Holly feels well enough for a bit of sorbet.  We were
so worried because she is normally so sparkly.

Thank you for joining us in our adventures.

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  1. My son was at Alameda selling. I would love to go that flea sometime. Hope Holly is feeling better. It's been a tough time for allergies.

    Take care, Sue


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