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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alden Lane Nursery

Our visit to Alden Lane in Livermore was definitely melancholy.  The last time we were there VoVo was still alive and it wasn't the same without her.  There were times when I simply enjoyed thing more because she was with us.

It's a sensation I experience often.  Feeling very achy today, I walked ahead at the mall and then waited for Lee and the kids to catch up.  VoVo would usually walk ahead with me and we would sit and visit while the of the rest of the get along gang ambled along.  Tears threaten to come as a push down the longing in my heart.  Missing her is still very real and raw.  Maybe its because she understood my physical and emotional pain better than anyone or maybe its because Easter is just around the corner.

We brought home a Julia Child rose as a remembrance of our trip and our past visits to Alden Lane.  My mother didn't like the color yellow but she often used anise in her cooking.  The rose's licorice scent will remind me of holiday visits in my mother's kitchen where everyone gathered at her table.

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