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Pumpkin Cottage
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Roadtrip Plans for the Spring

First, we are dreaming of the Alameda Point Fair for the first Sunday in the month of April.  Last year it poured and we missed the fair all together but we are always willing to try again. 

Second, the last weekend of April may include the Remnants of the Past show.  We had a blast the last time we visited. This show will be featured in the April issue of Country Living.

As part of my journey with Simple Abundance, I am diligently working on my illustrated discovery journal.  I've been on this path since 1995 (a very difficult year) and still with every single journey down this path I notice something new.  This time I discovered the book  Delight.  I've ordered the book and will let you know.

This adventure, that we call life,  is about uncovering your authentic self while  acknowledging the beauty of the every day.

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  1. The kids are getting itchy. that can only mean one thing...ROADTRIP!!!!


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